TSW Mustang Wheels

TSW Mustang Wheels

TSW Mustang Wheels

Give your Mustang a truly custom look with a set of TSW Wheels. Their race inspired design will help you stand out at the next car show or race!

TSW Alloy Wheels produces modern race inspired Mustang wheels that feature some of the sleekest designs and finishes. Available in 19” and 20” versions, the TSW Mustang Wheels give any enthusiast the look they have been dreaming about. All of the TSW Rims are named after some of the most famous racing circuits in automotive racing.

LatemodelRestoration.com offers the following TSW Wheels for S197 Mustangs:

  • Nurburgring Wheels
  • Panorama Wheels
  • Mirabeau Wheels
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    05-14 Mustang TSW Wheels

    Mustang TSW Mirabeau Wheels (05-14)

    The TSW Mirabeau wheel will give your 05-14 Mustang an aggressive yet sleek look with its concave five spoke design. Available in staggered 19” and 20” versions, these Mustang wheels give any S197 a truly custom look. Combine their concave design with a set of lower springs and these TSW Mirabeau rims will give you a s... more

    Mustang TSW Panorama Wheels (05-14)

    The TSW Panorama Mustang wheels feature a modern 5 spoke design that draws its race inspired looks from the Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit it is named after. Each of these sleek custom alloy wheels features a rotary forge construction that provides weight savings and superior strength. What Mustang enthusiasts isn... more

    Mustang TSW Nurburgring Wheels (05-14)

    The TSW Nurburgring Mustang wheels will give you aggressive styling that looks like it belongs on the famous high speed track they were named after! These Mustang wheels feature a multi spoke race inspired design. Combine the TSW Nurburgring rims with a set of Mustang lowering springs and you will have that sinister lo... more

    TSW Mustang Wheels Tech Info

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