Saleen Club of America Cruise

Posted 4/22/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

The Texas Chapter of Saleen Club of America visited Watch the video of their visit to see some amazing and very rare Mustangs!

FOLLOW: mustang , 79 93 mustang , 94 04 mustang , 05 09 mustang , 10 14 mustang , fox body , sn95 , s197 , video , saleen , car show was graced with a visit from the Texas Chapter of the Saleen Club of America (SCOA). We got to hang out with some great people and true Mustang enthusiast. We also got to see some amazing and rare Mustangs thanks to SCOA. They brought a couple Saleen S351 Mustangs, Parnelli Jones Special Edition, Heritage Edition Saleen, a couple S281 Mustangs and many more. We also got to meet the Joe Mills the Texas Chapter president. Watch the video as he gave us all the news about the up-coming Saleen Nationals Event in Houston Texas! It is definitely an event any Mustang fanatic won't want to miss.

Check out some pictures from this cruise-in here - Saleen Club of America Cruise