Mustang SVO Emblems

The Mustang SVO was the brainchild of the SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) department of Ford during 1984, 1985, and 1986. While the Mustang SVO was only produced for 3 short years, it has been said "The Mustang SVO was one of the best handling Mustangs ever produced". These Mustang SVO emblems will finish off the restoration project on your 1984-1985-1986 Mustang SVO! Be sure to also check out our 2.3L Mustang emblem!

  • The SVO Mustang was one of the first "european tuner cars". Featuring a fuel injected 2.3L turbo, 5 lug wheels and disc brakes, these cars were a lot of fun to drive. Held in high regard today by many Mustang owners, but because of low prod... Read More