SVE Pace Car - Project 777 Revamp

Posted 8/8/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Follow along as we revamp our old blue and orange 2011 Mustang GT! This is one project you can't miss!

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Our 2011 Project car has been around for quite some time now. It was hard to miss with the bright orange wheels and decals. Over the past few months there has been talk going on in the dark corners of some of our offices about how our 2011 777 Project Car needed an update; however, the opportunity and time to revamp this project never presented itself. That was until the Project 777 said enough with the hoonage and racing!

SVE Pace Car - Project 777 Revamp - SVE Pace Car - Before Wrap

Our 2011 Mustang GT has seen a rough life that all Stangs dream about! It has been involved in just about every burnout we have ever done (there is plenty of video and parking lot evidence to prove it!) and it has seen multiple road race sessions. Some of these race sessions have gone on for multiple days with little to no break – expect for when we slept. This hard life finally caught up with our 2011 Mustang and the #8 piston had a total meltdown.

SVE Pace Car - Project 777 Revamp - SVE Pace Car Aluminator Hood

This gave us the perfect opportunity to upgrade the engine and give our tired project car a much needed facelift! We started out by installing a Ford Racing Aluminator XS engine and swiftly followed this install up with a complete exterior overhaul. We replaced the bright orange wheels and removed all of the worn bright orange decals. You can follow the complete transformation below. There will be plenty more racing, hoonage and upgrades to come!!

SVE Pace Car

Ford Racing Aluminator XS Engine Install

The number 8 piston on our 2011 Mustang GT finally threw in the towel and called it quits. That opened the door for the perfect opportunity to finally revamp our Project 777 car. You can follow along with the whole overhaul here – SVE Pace Car. The first step in this restoration project was to get a new engine. We ... more

Ford Racing Aluminator XS Engine Dyno

To give our SVE Pace Car a great foundation for future modifications, we turned to Ford Racing to supply us with the ultimate 5.0L Coyote Motor - better known as the Aluminator XS Crate Engine. This 5.0L 4V motor is essentially a Boss 302 crate engine on steroids. It features just about every Ford Racing engine compone... more

SVE Pace Car Gets A New Look

Once the new Aluminator XS Engine was installed in the SVE Pace Car, we immediately turned our focus toward a new look. The old look had served its purpose but had become “played out” to a certain degree. We went back and forth with ideas for what felt like days. Finally we settled on the 1979 Pace Car tribute look. Wh... more

SVE Pace Car Road Racing

The Mid America Shelby Meet celebrated their 40th anniversary this year; thus, making it a honor to have so many of our vehicles in their Latemodel Race. This year we entered our SVE Pace Car, the owners 2013 Shelby GT500 and Project Coyote Swap into the race. We decided to slap a few GoPro cameras on the SVE Pace Car... more

SVE Pace Car & Project Blue Collar Visit Mustang Week

The SVE Pace Car and Project Blue Collar made the trip to Mustang Week 2014. The SVE Pace Car made the 1,200+ mile drive to Myrtle Beach, SC while Project Blue Collar road in style in the trailer. Both were a huge hit and a crowd favorite at this year’s show. The SVE Pace Car showed up in style with a new set of SVE Se... more