SINIS Built Mustang: 79 Pace Car

Posted 8/21/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch our video highlighting the SINIS Built 79 Pace Car Mustang. This is one of the most amazing Fox Body Stangs you will ever see!

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SINIS Built Mustang: 79 Pace Car - 79 pace car mustang sinis built

Tom Clark set out to put his own spin on a Fox Body Mustang with his SINIS Built project. Tom has a way of taking something that is already great and making it uniquely his own. After getting to know Tom via email, phone calls and meeting him at Mustang Week, I quickly learned he has an eye for detail and drive to create an uniquely modern take on the four eyed Stang. His ability to create something different is what I think led him to choose the Indy 500 Pace Car as a foundation for the SINIS Built project.

When you hear of people talking about special edition Fox Body Mustangs you often get stories about 93 Cobras, 93 Cobra Rs or SVOs. One rare 79-93 Mustang that is often over looked in this conversation is the 1979 Indy 500 Pace Car. With 10,478 being produced by Ford, they are truly a rare Pony. These special edition models celebrated the fact that the 1979 Mustang was the official pace car for the 63rd Indy 500. This was the first time Ford’s Pony car had been the official pace car since the 1964!

The 79 Indy 500 Pace Car featured many unique styling options that set it apart from the other factory models. These included a Pewter Polly and flat black paint job with unique decals. It’s unique “ducktail” style spoiler was one of the best factory style spoilers to ever grace a Fox Body Mustang. It also featured Marchal fog lights and special forged aluminum wheels that were included in the TRX performance package.

SINIS Built Mustang: 79 Pace Car - sinis built 79 pace car

SINIS Built stayed true to the Indy 500 special edition’s exterior by retaining the factory paint and decals. Other than that, Tom has put his hands on just about every other aspect of this Stang. Suspension has been swapped out for an air ride system that slams this Pony to the ground. It sits on a custom set of 20" deep dish wheels that give the car a truly sinister look. It is this “sinister” look that created the name – SINIS. Tom and his friends shortened sinister and well the rest is history. Gone is the cheap dated plastic interior. The old interior was exchanged for days’ worth of custom console work, carbon fiber, leather, suede and Recaro seats. The interior of this four eyed Mustang is one that would leave many Italian sports car owners drooling.

The engine bay has been completely smoothed, repainted and wiring has been hidden. This alone is enough to get plenty of attention but not unique enough for Tom. He bumped up the horsepower output with a 03-04 Cobra engine and t-56 transmission. He did not stop there. He upgraded the stock Eaton blower for a Whipple supercharger. In regular Tom style, he built a custom dual intake system with a rear facing throttle body. The rear end has been completely customized to help fit the 345/25/20 tires under the car.

This project is still under development. Tom isn’t done and he has left us waiting for more! Enjoy the video and the pictures below. Comment below and let us know what you think about Tom’s ride.

SINIS Built Mustang: 79 Pace Car - sinis built mustangSINIS Built Mustang: 79 Pace Car - sinis built pace car SINIS Built Mustang: 79 Pace Car - sinis built mustang 2