SCT Tuner Tech: How To Upload Custom Tunes

Posted 9/8/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Unlock your Mustang or SVT Lightning's true performance potential with a custom tune & SCT Tuner. Watch this video to see how to upload a custom tune to your SCT device.

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So you got your new SCT tuner and you are ready to upload that custom tune to unlock the full potential of your Mustang. If you are wondering how to take the custom tune from your email and put it on your tuner, you are not alone. We get a lot of these questions. That is why we created a video series about the best Mustang and Lightning handheld tuner on the market!

In the video we will walk you through the very simple process of downloading your custom tune and uploading it to your SCT device. Before you begin this process, it is always a good idea to use the SCT Updater software to ensure your device is up-to-date with all the latest updates and firmware. See the link at the bottom of this article to watch our how to video on updating your device.

How to Upload a Custom Tune to Your SCT Tuner:

  • Make sure you have returned your vehicle to stock
  • Update your device if needed
  • Save your emailed tune file to your desktop by “righ clicking” it within your email
  • Plug in your supplied USB cable into the device
  • Now plug the other end into your computer
  • Open the SCT Updater software
  • Click “Load Custom Tune File” to start
  • Click browse and find the emailed file on your desktop and click “Open”
  • Now you can name your downloaded file – don’t be scared to try something fun
  • Now you can click program
  • Once it is downloaded you can now click exit and unplug your device
  • Upload the tune to your vehicle and go have some fun!

A “mail order” or emailed tune can unlock the full potential of your Mustang or SVT Lightning by making appropriate changes for cold air intakes, larger mass air meters, off-road exhaust systems or rear end gears. These custom tunes are perfect for the simple bolt-on type of vehicle. You can also use your SCT Tuner to upload custom dyno calibrated tunes at your local tuning facility. These are great for forced induction and power adders such as nitrous oxide.

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