Purchasing A SVE Custom Tune

Posted 7/30/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Follow along in this video as show just how easy it is to purchase a SVE Custom Tune for your 96 to present Mustang!

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Unlocking the full potential of your 1996 to present Mustang is super simple thanks to LatemodelRestoration.com and a SVE Custom Tune. In this video we will walk you through the step by step process of purchasing a SVE Custom Tune for your Mustang.

Key Steps In The Purchasing Process:
  1. Purchase Your Tune Online
  2. Receive Confirmation Email
  3. Receive Mustang Custom Tune Form Via Email
  4. Fill Out Custom Tune Form
  5. 1-3 Business Day You Will Receive Custom Tune Via Email
  6. Download SVE Custom Tune To Your SCT Tuner
  7. Upload Custom Tune To Your Mustang

Need more help with your SCT Tuner? Check out some of our other Mustang SCT Tuner tech articles below! Don't forget you can contact our customer service team at 1-866-507-3786 if you have any other questions about custom tunes for your Mustang.

About the Video

How To Purchase A SVE Custom Tune

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Published on 2014-07-24
Watch as we walk you through the simple process of purchasing a SVE Custom Tune for your 1996 to Present Mustang. This painless process will help you unlock the full potential of your Mustang thanks to our team of dedicated Mustang Tuners.

With an SVE Custom tune you will be able to add extra horsepower & torque all while keeping driveablity comfortable and factory like. Be sure to check out our complete line of SVE Tune by clicking on the link above. We carry tunes for the following Mustangs:

96-04 Mustang V6, GT, Bullitt, Mach 1, SVT Cobra
03-04 Cobras (4.6L supercharged Terminator)
05-10 Mustang V6, GT, Bullitt & Shelby GT
11-14 Mustang V6 & GT
07-14 Shelby GT500
Today I'm going to walk you through purchasing an SVE custom tune for your '96 to current Mustang. Once you've completed the purchase of an SVE custom tune, you will receive an email with our custom tune form, and that's where all the fun begins, so let's go ahead and walk you through filling out that form. If you already have an SCT tuner, here you can click on this form. If you ordered an SCT tuner or a performance package that contains an SVE custom tune and SCT tuner, you will have to wait until you have the tuner to fill out this form. We will need the serial number off your SCT tuner before continuing.

Once you have the custom tune form open, simply start filling out the required information. First select that this is a new SVE custom tune or if you're updating an old one. Follow up by inputting your name and contact information. Be sure to double-check your email address, as we will be emailing you your SVE custom tune.

Next, input your order number. This can be found on your order confirmation email sent to you after placing your order. Next, you will need to enter the serial number off your SVT tuner. On the SCT X4, X3, and Live Wire tuners, you will find the serial numbers located on the back of the hand held tuner. On the SCT iTSX tuner, it is located on the top of the wireless tuning device. You can also find the serial number on the box that your tuner came in.

It is now time to start inputting information about your Mustang. In the case of my 2003 Mustang GT, I selected the 4.6 liter engine option. You will need to input your vehicle's unique four digit computer code. This computer code is located on your PCM. On 1996 to 2004 Mustangs, the PCM is located behind the passenger kick panel. On 2005 to '14 Mustang models, it is located in the front of the engine compartment.

Next, let us know what type of transmission you have. If you own a 2011 to '13 Mustang with a manual transmission, let us know if you'd like to remove the skip shift feature. If you don't own one of these Mustangs, simply select Does Not Apply. Select what octane you plan on running with your SVE custom tune. Be sure to check your local gas stations to ensure you have access to the selected octane.

If you own an automatic transmission and you have an aftermarket torque converter, please let us know what brand you're running as well as what stall speed you have. Next, select what cold air intake, mass air meter, and throttle body you have installed on your Mustang. Be sure to supply us with the brand, sizing, and any other detailed information you can supply.

You can now select fuel injector sizing from the drop-down menu. Select if you're running a factory or aftermarket intake manifold. Be sure to let us know what brand intake manifold you have installed. If you're running IMRC delete plates on your three valve Mustang, be sure to select this option and let us know what brand you have installed.

You will need to supply us with information about your exhaust system. Select what brand and style headers you have on your Mustang, as well as letting us know if you're running stock, high flow, or no catalytic converters on your mid-pipe. We also need to know if you have stock or aftermarket camshafts.

On 1999 to present Mustangs, to ensure your speedometer doesn't read incorrectly, we need to know what rearing gears you have installed as well as what rear tire size you're running. Lastly, we need you to list the performance modifications you have made to your Mustang. This is extremely important. The more information you can give us about your Mustang will further ensure we get the best performance custom tune you can buy.

Once you have completely filled out your custom tune form, read the final instructions, click the I Understand statement, and submit. You will get a confirmation email shortly after completing your custom tune form. Once we receive this information, we will have our highly skilled custom tuners get to work on your SVE custom tune.

Allow two to three business days to build your custom tune. Once the tune is complete, you will receive your SVE custom tune via email. For more Mustang performance and restoration parts, make sure you visit latemodelrestoration.com.

Purchasing A SVE Custom Tune Tech Info

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