Project Blue Collar: Mustang Fuel System Upgrades

Posted 2/7/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Follow along as we show you how to restore your Fox Body Mustang fuel system. Project Blue Collar's fuel system required a complete restoration. We also upgraded for future mods while we were replacing bad components!

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Project cars don’t always go the way you planned. That was the case with Project Blue Collar right out of the gate! We thought this would be a simple replace the fuel pump and filter would allow our new project Fox Body Mustang to get back on the road in no time. Since we don’t have x-ray vision we couldn’t see the damage that awaited us inside the tank.

Once we removed the fuel tank, we found that the baffles had broken loose and had torn the fuel pump sock off while damaging the sending unit. If you need help removing your gas tank click on the following link – Mustang Fuel Tank Removal Video. After finding the damage we decided it was time for the complete fuel restoration to take place. We turned to our complete line of 5.0Resto fuel components to tackle this job.

Project Blue Collar: Mustang Fuel System Upgrades - Fox Body Mustang Fuel Pump Install Blue Collar

We used the following parts:

To better support future mods, we went with a BBK 255 LPH Fuel Pump (BBK-1607). This should help support any future performance mods that we plan to throw at this new project Fox Body.

In this video we will cover how to remove the fuel pump assembly from the gas tank, how to install a new fuel pump, how to replace your fuel sending unit and lastly how to replace your vapor valve seal. Any time your remove the fuel tank from your Mustang, it is critical that you replace your fuel filler neck grommet. You don’t want to have to full your tank again to replace it!

Shop our complete line of fuel components below!

Fox Body Mustang Fuel Components




Project Blue Collar: Mustang Fuel System Upgrades Tech Info

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