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Crossmembers & Trans Mounts

Factory and urethane Mustang transmission mounts should be replaced if you replace your transmission. They really do make everything more solid while reducing driveline flex and vibrations. Don't forget to pick up a new transmission crossmember, driveshaft safety loop, and all of the hardware needed for a quick and easy installation!

Mustang Crossmembers & Parts

2011-14 Mustang Shifter & Transmission Bracket

Crossmembers & Trans Mounts Tech Info

Located between the transmission tail shaft and the crossmember, the Mustang transmission mount plays a significant part in maintaining tail shaft angle. A failed mount can create vibration causing other components to fail!

Polyurethane transmission mounts will help reduce drive train flex exaggerated by tired rubber mounts. Polyurethane transmission mounts help eliminate chatter, missed shifts and the sometimes broken parts associated with driveline flex.