Mustang Speaker Grille Install/Removal

Posted 3/6/2013 by Jonathan McDonald

Replace that busted door panel speaker cover on your Fox Body Mustang. Watch our installation video here!

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Broken or missing Mustang door panel speaker grilles are as common as saggy map pockets and broken ash tray doors. Lucky for you 5.0Resto carries a full selection of Fox Body Mustang door speaker grilles that are available in multiple colors and kits that include all new hardware. These quality door speaker covers are a direct replacement for your damaged factory ones. They feature OE style construction, looks and texture.

Installation does require you to remove the door panel. If you need help this this please click on the following link – Fox Body Mustang Door Panel Removal. Once the door panel is off, installation will take you just a few minutes. Once complete you will greatly improve the interior of your Fox Body Mustang! Click the link below shop our full line of door speaker covers for you Stang!!

Mustang Speaker Grilles




Mustang Speaker Grille Install/Removal Tech Info

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