87-93 Mustang Roof Rail Molding Install

Posted 9/21/2012 by Jeff Jimenez

Replace your peeling & cracking Fox Body Mustang roof rail moldings! Watch our install video to help walk you through the removal and install.

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After years of abuse from the environment and elements, Fox Body Mustang roof rail moldings begin to peel and crack. Don't let worn roof rail moldings bring down the looks of your Mustang exterior! Replace those ugly moldings with quality 5.0Resto restoration parts. This easy install can greatly improve the looks of your Pony. Follow along in this video as Jmac and Jeff show you how to replace your roof rail moldings and door belt moldings.

  • Kit includes both left and right hand sides
  • Will not fit 79-86 unless 87-93 1/4 windows are used
  • Will not fit convertible

Fox Body Mustang Roof Rail Molding Installation

  1. Remove the Philips head screw along the “a” pillar
  2. You can now start pulling the molding off the pinch weld. Be care not to break the tab at the back quarter window
  3. Clean the black sealant/adhesive off the pinch weld
  4. Take your new molding and align the rear tab with the quarter window
  5. Firmly press the roof rail molding into place
  6. You should hear it “snap” into place
  7. Re-install the retaining screw and you are done