Mustang Road Racing: Tyler's First Time

Posted 9/16/2013 by Tyler Rodriquez

Did employee Tyler's first attempt at taking his Comp Orange New Edge Mustang road racing end well? Watch the video to find out!

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When asked if I wanted to road race my 2004 Mustang GT at Hallet Motor Circuit, I was a little skeptical. I had never been on a road coarse and I didn't want to possibly ruin my daily driver. After watching a few videos of some of our employees racing on the same track, I knew I had to try it out. As I pulled onto the course for my parade lap, I could feel the mix of excitement and nervousness. I listened closely as Scotty instructed me on what lines to follow and how to enter/exit the corners. After a few paced laps, I was ready to see how far I could push my Mustang road racing.

After my class was called to the starting line, I lined up in the grid and the nervous feeling returned. I was sitting in my lightly modded 2 valve Mustang, surrounded by veteran racers in 500+ horsepower GT500s and Boss 302 Leguna Seca race cars. With my heart racing and hands shaking, I rolled onto the track and slammed the gas. As I went through the first turn, I realized this might take some getting used to. Over the next few turns I was getting passed by just about everyone. While I really didn't like getting passed so easily, it allowed me to have an open track to get my lines down and figure out how to properly drive my Mustang. Throughout the race I got progressively better, going faster into turns and using more of the track when cornering. Before I knew it, the checkered flag was waving and I was already itching to get back on the course.

Mustang Road Racing: Tyler

The next time my class was called, I let Scott Springer drive my car to show me just how much my Mustang could take. When we came up to the first turn, he was still accelerating where I had previously slowed down. This is when I realized I was in for a crazy ride. He rode the corner all the way to the apex and shot right into the straight away where we passed a 2010 GT500. Was I dreaming or did my 200 horsepower car just overtake a Shelby Cobra? We went through turns 2 and 3 at speeds I would have never thought we could. As we made a few more laps we continued to pass Boss 302s and GT500s. At this point I was ready to take my car back out and see what I could do.

On the last day of road racing, I was ready to give it all I had. As soon as I hit the track that morning I could tell I felt way more comfortable. Although I was still getting passed by the same cars I did on Day 1, I was able to get through the corners faster and even passed a couple of cars. When the day was over I was more than glad I raced my car. It was an experience I will never forget and am looking forward to doing again!

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Watch Us Set Up Tyler's Mustang For Road Racing

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Mustang Road Racing: Tyler's First Time Tech Info

Mustang Road Racing: Tyler

2004 Competition Orange Mustang GT

Performance Mods
SVE Cold Air Intake
Pypes Off Road X-Pipe
Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System
Suspension Mods
SVE Rear Lower Control Arms
SVE Lowering Springs
SVE Caster Camber Plates
Tokiko HP Series Struts
Brake & Tire Mods
Nitto 275/45/17"
SVE 13" Cobra Style Brakes
Hawk HPS Brake Pads
Appearance Mods
SVE Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
SVE Mach 1 Grille Delete
SVE Short Antenna
2003 Chrome Cobra Wheels