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Mustang Rear End & Axles

Upgrading your Mustang rear end, axles, and differential is a great way to launch harder, and hold more power in your Mustang. Performance 28 and 31 spline axles and differentials allow your Mustang to put high horsepower to the ground. Needing a whole 8.8" rear end? Choose from our various loaded rear end kits! Dont forget differential covers, axle bearings, axle seals, IRS parts, pinion flanges, and everything else you need to get your rear end stronger!

Mustang Axle Bearings & Axle Seals

Cut down on the unwanted axle noise with our axle bearing and seal kits. Latemodel Restoration Supply has what you need from just new Mustang wheel bearings to full axle and bearing kits which are a must when installing new Mustang gears in your 1979-2014 Mustang. more

Mustang Axles

Need new Mustang axles? Latemodel Restoration Supply has you covered with all the top brands from Moser, Ford Racing,and Ford Motorcraft. more

Mustang IRS Parts

Repair or upgrade the components of your 1999-04 Mustang Cobra's IRS rear suspension system. Reinforce your Mustang IRS differential cover, install low profile subframe bolts for larger wheel & tires, or upgrade your IRS bushings! Latemodel Restoration Supply has the IRS equipment you need from manufacturers like Steed... more

Mustang Pinion Flanges & Pinion Snubbers

The Mustang Pinion Seal is known to leak, but sometimes it's not the Pinion Seal causing the problem. Many times, the Mustang Pinion Flange or Driveshaft Flange has a groove worn in the seal surface causing the leak. The only way to remedy this is to replace the Pinion Flange. The Mustang Pinion Snubber keeps the Re... more

Mustang Axle Assembly & Parts

Why go through the hassle of searching wrecking yards for a used Mustang 8.8 Axle assemblies that will more than likely have to be rebuilt anyways? Latemodel Restoration Supply offers BRAND NEW Mustang 8.8 axles assemblies. Carrying 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Mustang 8.8 Axles with 3... more

Mustang Rear Axle Kit

Is your Mustang 8.8 Axle in need of a rebuild? Why not upgrade it to a stronger 31 spline unit while you're at it. Latemodel Restoration Supply has made it easy to upgrade to aMustang 8.8 31 spline rear axle. Offering 4-lug 31 spline axle upgrades, and 5-lug 31 spline axle upgrades for 79-93 Fox Mustangs, as well as n... more

Mustang Differential Covers & Girdles

Add support and style to your Mustang differential with a differential cover or girdle from Latemodel Restoration Supply! These Mustang differential covers add additional bracing and feature all-aluminum, or chrome finishes. Easy bolt-on installation during your next gear swap or rear end restoration! Our Mustang diffe... more

Mustang Rear Differential Hardware

Your Mustang Rear Differential Cross Pin is considered a wear part & will eventually need replacing. From stock replacement to notched for lower gears we have all varieties of Mustang Cross Pins for both 28 spline & 31 spline Differentials. Don't forget a new Mustang Cross Pin Bolt while you're there! Also, once you s... more

Mustang Traction-Lok / Differential

Tired of the one wheel peel? Well Latemodel Restoration Supply has the Mustang traction lock differential to fit your needs. If you are wanting to upgrade your v6 mustang, Mustang GT, or Mustang Cobra LRS offers brand like Eaton and Ford racing to get the job done! more