Mustang Quarter Window Glass Installation (Fox Body)

Posted 2/11/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Don't let those nasty quarter windows ruin the exterior of your Fox Body Mustang! Watch this video to see how you can bring some life back to your Mustang's exterior.

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Are the hatchback quarter windows on your Fox Body Mustang looking worn and nasty? You can now replace them thanks to 5.0Resto and! All you have to do is pick up a set of replacement 5.0Resto quarter windows and follow along in this installation video to see just how easy it is to transform the exterior of your Fox Body Mustang!

These are not simple Fox Body Mustang quarter window covers, they are complete assemblies with new glass and rubber moldings. Since these are reproduction glass, they do not include the “MUSTANG” text on the windows; however, they are a direct replacement that fits just like the factory glass.

They are sold as a pair and include new studs for simple installation. To install your new Mustang quarter windows you will have to remove some of the interior paneling around the quarter window glass. Follow along in the video as we walk you through this simple process. While this installation is not overly complicated, it will take you a few hours from start to finish.

In the end this will greatly transform the exterior of your Mustang by getting rid of that ugly worn out rubber molding! Click the link below to buy a set today for your Fox Body Mustang and don’t forget to leave us a comment below on what the next step is in your Fox Body Mustang restoration project!




Mustang Quarter Window Glass Installation (Fox Body) Tech Info

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