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Mustang Mass Air Meter

Does your Latemodel Mustang have a Mass Air system? Need a mass air meter? Latemodel Mustang Restoration offers C&L and Pro-M meters and kits from C&L. Great mass air meters and kits for any Mustang! Our most popular Mustang mass air meter C&L's 73mm and 76mm mass air meters allow you to upgrade your Mustangs meter while retaining your factory air box or pre-existing Mustang cold air intake kit. With one of the 73mm units, you can expect 8 additional rear wheel horsepower. When installing the 76mm unit, expect up to 11 rear wheel horsepower. The 73mm unit has been used on vehicles that run low to mid-10's in the quarter mile and generate as much as 600 rear wheel horsepower on the dyno. The 76mm unit will support the airflow needs of a 9 second quarter mile vehicle and will supply air to engines generating up to nearly 800 horsepower.