Mustang Keyless Entry Remote Programming (94-98)

Posted 8/13/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Need to replace broken or missing keyless entry remotes - key fobs? Watch this instructional video that will walk you through programming new remotes for your SN95 Mustang!

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So you lost your Mustang’s keyless entry remote, A.K.A. key fob, and you can’t remotely unlock your doors. You don’t realize how much you use this until you lose it! No worries. carries new keyless entry remotes for 1994 to 2009 Mustangs. We also have detailed instructions and videos on how to program new remotes to your vehicle. Now you can get back to opening your trunk remotely or finding your Stang in the mall parking lot when you forgot where you parked it. If you own a 99-09 Mustang, click the link below to watch the programing procedure for these year models below.

Tools Needed:


How to program new wireless key remotes on 94-98 Mustangs

  1. Turn Key to on position
  2. Take a paper clip and short the keyless entry plug (continue to hold this until training is complete)
  3. You will hear the locks cycle (lock then unlock)
  4. You are now in Training Mode
  5. Press and hold a button on remote #1 until the locks cycle again
  6. Repeat this on the other remotes you want to program (up to a total of 4)
  7. Remove the paper clip
  8. Turn the Key to the off position – you will hear the locks cycle again
  9. Test and you are done!

How to Program 99-09 Mustang Keyless Remotes