79-93 Mustang Hatch Support Struts Install

Posted 3/6/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch our hatch support strut installation video here! Don't let your Fox Body Mustang hatch crash down on your head!

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If your Fox Body Mustang has worn out hatch struts then you are constantly living in danger of having the hatch slamming down on your head or other body parts. You don't have to live with this fear!! 5.0Resto replacement struts are the ultimate fix to this problem with almost all hatchback Stangs that still have factory struts. Best of all these struts are inexpensive and installation is super easy!

Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you just how easy it is to replace your worn out hatch support struts. They are a direct factory replacement that features a black finish just like your worn out stock ones. You can pick up your set in the link below!!

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About the Video

79-93 Mustang Hatch Support Struts Install

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Published on 2013-03-06
Product: 1979-93 Mustang Hatch Lift Support Strut
Brand: 5.0Resto
Fits: Mustang LX, GT and Cobra Hatch Models
Year Models: 1979 (79) 1980 (80) 1981 (81) 1982 (82) 1983 (83) 1984 (84) 1985 (85) 1986 (86) 1987 (87) 1988 (88) 1989 (89) 1990 (90) 1991 (91) 1992 (92) 1993 (93)
LRS Part #: LRS-40610PR

Don't let your Mustang Hatch hit you in the head! Over time Fox Body Mustang Hatch Lift Support Struts begin to lose their charge and no longer do their job of holding the hatch up. Replace yours with these new, long lasting Foxbody Mustang Hatch Lift Supports from LatemodelRestoration.com!!!

Features & Benefits
Holds Your Mustang Hatch Up
Made Like Factory Struts
Easy Install
Sold As A Pair
Black Finish

SPEAKER: Now, if you own a '79 to '93 Mustang with the hatchback, then you know all about the failure-prone hatch struts that could cause the hatch to come crashing down on your head. Well, we don't want that to happen to you anymore, so we've got these 5.0Resto Replacement Hatch Struts that'll keep your hatch all the way up whenever you open it.

I'm going to show you how to put these on. And I've got this hatch braced up here for the removal process, for the installation. Luckily I've got Jeff hanging around here to help me out, hold this up. That way, it doesn't come crashing down on my head when I'm putting on the new strut.

To start out, you want to grab you a #3 Phillips screwdriver, or a power drill with a #3 Phillips bit, and remove the two Phillips head screws that hold this bracket onto the body. With that out of the way, you can grab you a small flat head screwdriver and pry up on this clip, and then remove the strut from the hatch. Now, to get your bracket off, you want to take that same flat head screwdriver, pry up on the clip, and then remove the bracket from the old strut.

Now, you can wipe off any dirt or debris that's left on there. And on the shaft end, you can snap that bracket right back on. Now you can go back over here and slide it on. The bracket goes down. Get your screws started in place so you don't cross-thread them.

All right, Jeff. You want to pick up on that hatch a little bit? See if you can get her a little more-- there we go, and then, snap it in. And repeat those processes on the other side.

Now, for more information on this swap, check out a latemodelrestoration.com.


79-93 Mustang Hatch Support Struts Install Tech Info

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