SVE Custom Tunes

SVE Performance is your one stop Mustang Custom Tuning solution, offering the best power and drivability.

Power and performance are what you'll get from your 96-present Mustang when running an SVE Custom Tune, all while achieving the best idle, drivability, and reliability. Each SVE Mustang Custom Tune file is written specifically for your modifications, such as cold air intake kits, intake manifolds, throttle bodies, cylinder heads, camshafts, and longtube headers. These can significantly alter the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing needs of your Mustang, but an SVE performance Mustang custom tune will compensate for these mods and more. Automatic transmission equipped Mustangs will also benefit from improved shift timing and firmness. Because our Mustang Tuning is for power and drivability, your driving experience will be improved from idle all the way to redline. 91 to 93 octane premium unleaded gasoline is required for all SVE Custom Tunes.

Mustang Tuner Tech

Need help updating your Mustang SCT Tuner? Or uploading a SVE Custom Tune to your Mustang? Look no further than our complete line of tech articles and videos to help you maximize the performance of your Mustang.