Mustang Crate Engines, Blocks, & Motors

There is nothing like a brand new, ready to drop in, Ford Racing Crate Motor to go into your Mustang. Latemodel Restoration Supply is proud to offer complete crate engine assemblies. Covering 79-95 Mustangs, 96-04 Mustangs with modular motors, stroker motors, Ford Racing Hot Rod 3 Vales, 5.4L 4V Cobra Jet name it and we've got it, all you have to do if figure out which one you need. Time to rev up your mustang with a new Mustang long block crate engine from Latemodel Restoration Supply! Unlike the competition, we carry Ford Racing crate motors which are 50 State Street Legal and covered under WARRANTY when installed by a Ford Dealer! *Certain conditions apply. Also be sure to check out Latemodel Restoration Supply's 5.0L Premium long block engine assembly! Whether you are needing a fresh 5.0L crate engine for your 1979-93 fox body, or a hot rod 4.6L modular aluminum crate engine for your 1994-04 or 2005-09 Mustang, Latemodel Restoration Supply has the Mustang long blocks you are looking for!