Mustang Cowl Vent Grille & Molding Install

Posted 6/12/2013 by Jonathan McDonald

Fix up your 1983-1993 Fox Mustang with a genuine 5.0Resto Cowl Vent Grille and Lower Windshield Molding Kit!

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The 1983-1993 Fox Mustang Lower Windshield Moldings and Cowl Vent Grille take quite a beating from the sun's UV rays. This exposure caused them to fade, deteriorate, crack, and break. This causes your Mustang to look a little worse for the wear, when thats probably not the case. Luckily replacing them wont break the bank and installation is very straightforward, as Jeff and I show you in the video.

When doing this install, it requires you to remove your windshield wiper arms and blades, this is a great opportunity to add new ones. Also, you'll want to make sure you have a Windshield Reveal Molding Tool so you can access the lower moldings. If your reveal moldings are faded as well, grab a can of our exterior trim paint to spruce them up.

Finish off your restoration right and grab your new 5.0Resto Cowl Grille and Windshield Molding Kit at and don't forget to grab your new attaching hardware!