Mustang Brake Installation: SVE Cobra Style

Posted 8/21/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch this in depth installation video for the SVE 13" Cobra Style Brake Kit for SN95 Mustangs. This performance brake kit will drastically improve your braking without "breaking" the bank!

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Ford Racing stopped producing their Cobra, 10th Anniversary and Bullitt brake kits (M-2320-C, M-2300-A & M-2320-F) for 94-04 Mustangs. That doesn't mean you have to buy one of those expensive Big Brake Kits for your SN-95 or New Edge Stang to improve your braking performance. Here at, we are proud to offer the SVE 13” Cobra Style brake kits.

The SVE Brake kits feature Cobra Style 2 piston brake calipers. For looks as good as they perform, they are available in both red and black powder coated finishes. We have multiple kits available that include just calipers, everything needed to upgrade your GT/V6 to the 13” style brakes and even performance based kits that include stainless steel brake hoses and slotted rotors. So whether you are just replacing your worn out components or looking to add some serious stopping power to your Mustang, pick up a SVE 13” Brake kit today!

Mustang Brake Installation: SVE Cobra Style - sve cobra brake kit install

Mustang Brake Installation: SVE Cobra Style Tech Info

How To Install 13” Cobra Style SVE Brakes

  1. Lift the front of your car and secure with jack stands
  2. Remove both wheels
  3. Remove the caliper bolts
  4. Slide the old caliper off
  5. Pull the old rotor off the hub
  6. Remove the brake hose retaining clip
  7. Loosen the brake line connection where the soft line meets the hard line
  8. Remove the hose and caliper assembly
  9. Slide the new steel braided hose into place
  10. Tighten by hand at first and then tighten it down with a wrench
  11. Reinstall the brake hose retaining clip
  12. Slide the new 13” brake rotor onto the hub
  13. Slide the new SVE brake caliper over the rotor
  14. Tighten down the two caliper retaining bolts (add some blue Loctite)
  15. Attach the brake hose to the caliper with the new banjo bolt and copper washers
  16. Be sure to torque banjo bolt to spec
  17. Repeat on the other side
  18. Bleed your brakes: Start with passenger front then move to driver front
  19. Put your wheels back on
  20. Test and Enjoy your new braking upgrade!!
Mustang Brake Installation: SVE Cobra Style - sve brake kit installation Mustang Brake Installation: SVE Cobra Style - cobra brake kit installation