Mustang Body Molding Removal/Install

Posted 6/11/2013 by Jonathan McDonald

Make your 1987-1993 Fox Mustang look new again with 5.0Resto body side moldings and body side molding kits!

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The body side moldings on 1987-1993 Mustangs add the finishing touch to the exterior appearance. However, they can be problematic, specifically the urethane ones, in inexperienced hands. By now, it is likely that your beloved Fox has had some sort of work done to it. Unfortunately, it may have involved removing one or more of the moldings.

Some people, body shops included, don't realize that the plastic moldings are held on using nuts and that the urethane moldings have metal strips embedded in them. People will grab and pull on the plastic moldings thinking they are held on with double sided tape. After the snap, crackle, and pop they realize they messed up and now you are buying a new molding.

On the urethane moldings, they'll grab one end and pull them off like a band-aid, making the inner metal strips warp and causing the molding to now be "u" shaped. To solve their problem, they pull off the metal strips. After being stuck back on the car for a year, you notice, "Hey, my molding is an inch shorter than it used to be!". That metal wasn't just there for rigidity, it was to prevent shrinkage as well!

For the longest time only the Ford original moldings were available, and they were pricey! Luckily offers the 5.0Resto line of Fox Mustang Restoration Parts. Within this product line, you'll find the complete listing of 1987-1993 Mustang LX exterior body side moldings. These pieces are available individually or in a number of helpful kits. If you purchase one of the kits, we go the extra mile and include the needed 3M adhesive promoter so your molding stick on and stay on. It is best to paint your moldings before installing them on the car. 1987-1991 Mustang LX moldings are trim black, and we carry the correct exterior trim black paint. 1992-1993 Mustang LX moldings are body color and you will need to drop them off at a body shop to have them matched to your car.

I can't stress this point enough, Fully Inspect Your Moldings for Damage BEFORE Painting Them!! Once painted, they are not returnable.

Finish of your Mustang using only the best parts - grab your 5.0Resto Body Side Moldings today!




Mustang Body Molding Removal/Install Tech Info

5.0Resto and Ford body moldings available for the following Mustang GT & LX year models:
1985 (85) - 1986 (86) - 1987 (87) - 1988 (88) - 1989 (89) - 1990 (90) - 1991 (91) - 1992 (92) - 1993 (93)