Mustang Automatic Transmission & Parts

Your Mustang automatic transmission can start to slip, malfunction, or even go out over time. Latemodel Restoration Supply has all the Mustang automatic transmission parts you could ever need from all the top names in the industry. Ford used a few different transmissions over the years in the Mustangs, including the C4, AOD, AOD-E, 4R70W, & the newest 5R55S. Whether you need a full replacement Mustang automatic transmission, torque converter replacement or upgrade, valve body shift kit, shifter, transmission cooler, or flexplate, we've got it! Performance Automatic, B&M, TCI, & even Ford Original parts abound in our extensive lineup.

Mustang Automatic Transmissions

Lets face it. The automatic transmission ford put in your Mustang from the factory was a literal slushbox. Even Granny wants to catch a 1-2 scratch every now & then! Adding even the slightest amount of power to your Mustang can cause the stock AOD to lose it's guts. Luckily Performance Automatic, B&M, TCI, & others ... more

Mustang AOD TV Cables

The throttle valve cable, or TV Cable is basically the data cable for your AOD equipped Fox Mustang. It controls the transmission line pressure which determines the shift points & shift firmness. A common problem involves TV cable bushing failure which causes erratic shifting & possible transmission slippage. Make su... more

Mustang Automatic Shifters & Parts

Even though a Mustang automatic transmission can shift itself, it still needs human input to tell it what gear to start out in. That input is delivered via a shifter & shifter cable. If you're in to manually shifting your Mustang automatic transmission, you'll want a shifter with a good positive stop to keep you shif... more

Mustang Automatic Spacer & Block Plates

A damaged or missing Mustang block plate or starter plate can cause starter engagement problems. These plates are located between your engine and automatic transmission bellhousing. These block plates keep your start aligned and are made to directly replace stock plates. more

Mustang Automatic Torque Converter

The torque converter in your automatic transmission equipped Mustang is basically a fluid operated clutch. It transfers all that engine power to the transmission. Because of all the different applications & operating conditions, no one torque converter can satisfy every Mustang owners needs. With differences in stall ... more

Mustang Automatic Oil Cooler & Lines

One of the main causes of Mustang automatic transmission failure is overheating. Luckily it's a pretty easy problem to overcome! With the addition of an automatic transmission cooler on your Mustang you will extend fluid & transmission life. If you have increased the power output of your Mustang beyond stock or added... more

Mustang Transmission Dipstick & Tube

One of the key components in a Mustang automatic transmission is the transmission fluid. Too much fluid & it foams, to little fluid & the tranny slips. Get your Mustang transmission fluid level right the first time & keep an eye on it with our replacement automatic transmission dipstick & dipstick tube offerings. more

Mustang Auto Flexplates

The automatic transmission flexplate in your Mustang serves a few different purposes. It acts as an external crankshaft balancing counterweight, a driven starter gear, & as a mounting flange for the transmission torque converter. Make sure you have the best one for your 4.6L or 5.0L Mustang & the flexplate bolts to go... more

Mustang Automatic Hardware & Sensors

Mustang hardware always seems to have a mind of it's own, as well as a pair of legs. If your automatic transmission hardware has the same inclination, get another bolt, nut, clip, or bushing here to get your Mustang back on the road quickly! Keep your PCM & Cruise Control happy with a new Speed Sensor or Speed Sensor C... more

Mustang Automatic Pans, Gaskets, & Filters

The factory Mustang automatic transmission pan has a few inherent shortcomings. The most noticeable is the lack of a drain plug. It's shallow depth & slick exterior keep it from holding a decent amount of transmission fluid & don't allow it to dissipate heat very well. All 3 issues can be fixed with one of our deep a... more

Mustang Automatic Valve Body & Shift Kit

I believe we can all agree that Ford engineered their Mustang automatic transmissions with soft shifts to ride well not perform hard! Soft shifts on a performance car like the Mustang equal short transmission life. Shorten up those shifts & make the tires chirp on the 1-2 with a Mustang shift kit or replacement Mustan... more

Mustang Automatic Rebuild Kits

Our Mustang automatic transmission rebuild kit is perfect for getting your AOD or 4R70w rebuilt. Over time, your automatic transmission can start to slip, miss shifts, and start to malfunction. Get everything you need to get your Mustang shifting perfectly again with an automatic transmission rebuild kit from Latemodel... more