Mustang Ash Tray Repair Kit Installation

Posted 3/21/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch our Ash Tray Lid Repair video here! Get your Fox Body Mustang's ash tray working again with this simple fix.

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The 1987-1993 Fox Body Mustang is by far one of the most popular Pony Cars ever created. From everyday drivers, to drag strip warriors, to show cars, the Fox can fit anyone’s hobby and budget. As these Fox Body Mustangs get older, little issues can pop up that need to be fixed in order to get your Mustang to the condition it once was. That's where comes in to the rescue! We are dedicated to preserving these cars so they can continue to be enjoyed by the many enthusiasts out there.

Mustang Ash Tray Lid Repair Kit Install - Mustang Ash Tray Repair Kit

This article and installation video will walk you through a very common issue found with the 1987-93 specific cars – the infamous -- broken ash tray door. I'm sure you've all seen them out there because 9 out of 10 of the Mustangs have a broken and or missing ash tray doors. Ford didn't do the best job at designing the ash tray door to last. They are very fragile and can break easily. But have no fear; there 5.0Resto 87-93 Mustang ash tray repair kit is available to fix the door. The best part is this kit is both economical and easy to install.

Here is the typical scene you see when you look down at the console. We have a broken door that is crooked and flopping around in the console top panel. Not only does it look bad, it rattles around and can be downright annoying to listen too. The first step is to gather tools and start taking things apart. Depending on where the door is broken, you might need a tube of plastic model glue to make the repair. Unfortunately you don't know until you pull it apart. You will, however, need the following tools:

  • Medium size common "flat head" screwdriver
  • #2 Tip Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • 8mm Socket & Ratchet
  • Drill & 1/8" drill Bit

The first step is to remove the center console to gain access to the ash tray door and install the repair kit. If you need help with this be sure to check out our Fox Body Mustang Center Console Removal Video. With the top panel removed, now you can inspect the door area and see where your Mustang ash tray door might be broken.

There are 3 common places for the doors to break:

  1. The spring mount location, which cracks or breaks off completely.
  2. The door pivot stud which breaks off
  3. The door pivot arm stud which breaks off
Mustang Ash Tray Lid Repair Kit Install - fox body mustang ash tray repair

In this particular case, the door pivot stud was missing and causing all the problems. To fix this, get the drill & 1/8" drill bit. Drill out the hole where the pivot stud originally was. Once the hole is drilled, install the new screw through the hole and allow it to thread into the ash tray door arm. Now that the door has both its pivot points, it will open correctly and have a free range of motion. With the door open, install the 90º bent end of the spring into the spring retainer. Now apply pressure to the spring and insert other end into the door itself. The spring helps the door to open or shut and also holds tension on the door while it's closed to prevent it from rattling or sliding open.

Open the door a couple of times to make sure the spring doesn’t interfere with any of the other components. We went ahead and installed a new Mustang Ash Tray Recepticle as well to clean up the look of the ash tray area even more! Now that the Mustang ash tray door opens and shuts like it should, reinstall the top panel by reversing the steps you took to take it out. Like I said earlier, this kit truly is an economical, and user friendly kit that make a big difference in the appearance of your Mustang console.

Mustang Ash Tray Repair Components

Mustang Ash Tray Lid Repair Kit Install - mustang ashtray repair kit Mustang Ash Tray Lid Repair Kit Install - mustang ash tray door repair