Mustang Air Lift Suspension Kit

Give your S197 or S550 Mustang an adjustable ride height & improve handling and performance with Air Lift Suspension. AirLift Performance Suspension's 2005-2014 and 2015 Mustang air ride digital suspension kit allows you to fine tune your S197 & S550 suspension at any time. Featuring 30 way adjustable struts and shocks and progressive rate, tapered sleeve rear springs, this kit is the ultimate performance suspension kit. These kits allow you to slam your Mustang to the ground at the push of a button with over 4" of drop in the front and rear. With the ability to lower or raise you car within seconds, you can easily make much needed adjustments at the track or on the street for performance and clearance issues.

Mustang Air Lift Suspension Kits

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Mustang Air Lift Performance Suspension Kit Review (S197 Digital Kit)

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Published on 2014-05-06 is proud to offer the Air Lift Digital Performance Suspension Kit. These are available for 2005-14 S197 Mustangs. The Mustang Air Lift Suspension kits not only provide adjustable ride heights but they also provide you with superior handling and performance.

With a simple push of the button, you can adjust the ride height on your S197 Mustang. Now you can have that killer stance you are looking for in still pictures and keep a comfortable ride quality and ride height for cruising around town.

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Airlift Performance took a different approach to the Mustang suspension when they released their kit for the '05 to '14 Mustangs. Instead of using a conventional coil spring like we're used to seeing, they used a much less conventional but highly effective air spring.

Now, this air spring is controlled by 30-way mono-tube adjustable dampers, and the kit includes everything you need to install it on your car, including the air tank and compressor to provide the air for the ride height changes.

Speaking of changing ride height, the V2 controller allows you to preset eight different ride height configurations depending on how many people you have in the car or just how low you want it to go, even all the way decompressed for an awesome-looking parking lot stance.

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Mustang Air Lift Suspension Kit Tech Info

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