J&M Mustang Caster Camber Plate Installation (94-04)

Posted 2/14/2013 by Jonathan McDonald

See our J&M caster camber plate installation video here! Get your Mustang's suspension back into alignment.

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If you have recently installed a set lowering springs on your Stang and you haven’t installed a set of caster camber plates (CC Plates for short), then you could be unevenly wearing your tires! When changing your ride height you should always adjust your suspension back into spec with a set of CC plates. We have a complete line of Mustang Camber Caster plate – you can see them all in the link below. In this video we will walk you through the installation of a set of J&M Products Caster Camber Plates.

The J&M Caster Camber Plates are a customer favorite because they feature a lifetime warranty and feature a 4 bolt design that allows for maximum adjustability. These CC plates help correct suspension geometry and increase suspension travel for lowered Stangs. They feature a powder coated finish for years of worry free maintenance. They also include a set of detailed installation instructions.

Don’t forget to check out our lowering spring installation video to help you finish off your Mustang suspension project!! See it here - Mustang Lowering Spring Install.

Mustang Caster Camber Plates




J&M Mustang Caster Camber Plate Installation (94-04) Tech Info

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