Installing SVE Drag Wheels on a Fox Body Mustang

Posted 9/12/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Wondering what it will take to install a set of rear drag wheels & drag radial/slicks on your Fox Body Mustang? Watch the video to find out!

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What does it take to add a set of 15x10 drag wheels to my Fox Mustang? This is a common question we get here at; so Jmac wanted to show you guys what it took to install a set of 15x10 SVE Drag Wheels on a Fox Body Mustang using 275/50/15 tires. The obvious first step was to do a 5 lug swap/conversion. If you need more information on this click the following link - Fox Body Mustang 5 Lug Conversion.

After completing the 5 lug conversion, the next step is to remove the quad shock. Once this is complete it is time for some test fitment. After some quick fitment we found that we had to "massage" the inner wheel well with our trusty big hammer. This cleared up some room for the wider wheel and tire combo. The final step is to roll the fender lip. We suggest having a professional preform this to avoid any damage to the paint and to ensure it doesn't rub the tire.

To help you convert your Mustang from 4 lug to 5 lug and install a set of SVE Drag Wheels, we created the "Fox Body Kits" seen below. They include everything you need to complete a 5 lug swap and it includes your choice of SVE Drag Wheels. These kits come in both a 28 and 31 spline axle option. This kits will strengthen your rear end with the included stronger than factory axles. It also will help you get your power to the ground with the included 275/50/15 Mickey Thompson Drag Radials. These kits are the ultimate drag strip addition to any Fox Body Mustang.