Mustang Fuel Level Sending Unit Install

Posted 6/21/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch this video to help you remove your 83-97 Mustang fuel/gas tank. We have all the fuel system tech you need to start and finish your Fox Body Project!!

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Mustang fuel gauge stop working? You need a new Mustang fuel level sending unit!! Watch the following video as Jmac shows you how to replace your 87-97 Mustang fuel level sending unit. One of the most common reasons for your Mustang fuel gauge to stop working is a bad fuel level sending unit. Stop driving your Mustang with a broken fuel gauge – replace it with 5.0Resto fuel level sending unit and stop worrying “am I going to run out of gas today”.

The first step to this install is removing your fuel tank. Be sure to check out our fuel tank removal tech article – 84-97 Mustang Fuel Tank Removal. While you have the fuel tank out of our Mustang, it is a good time to look at replacing your fuel pump or upgrading to a high flow fuel pump. Don’t forget to replace your fuel filler neck grommet to insure leak free installation.

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Mustang Fuel Level Sending Unit Install

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Published on 2013-06-21
Is your Mustang Fuel Gauge not working? Is your fuel gauge needle stuck, leaving you wondering when you will really be on empty? Well, you may have a broken fuel sending unit. Here at, we offer several different fuel sending units for 81-97 Mustangs. So weather you have EFI fuel injection or carbureted Mustangs, we got you covered with a quality Mustang fuel sending unit.

In the video, Jmac will walk you through the installation of the 5.0Resto 87-97 Mustang Fuel Level Sending Unit (LRS-9275BR). We also have the Ford Original Fuel Level Sending Unit available for purchase on our website. Installation will require you to remove your fuel tank. Check out our Mustang Fuel Tank Removal Video here: . Once the tank is removed the installation of the Fuel Level Sending Unit will take less than 30 minutes.

Latemodel Restoration sells all your other Mustang fuel components that may need to complete your Fuel System upgrade or overhaul. We have everything from Mustang Fuel Tanks, Mustang Fuel Pumps, Gas tank shields, seals, grommets and Fuel Pump Assymbly.

Mustang Fuel Level Sending Units are available for the Following Models and year ranges:

Mustang GT, V6, Cobra,

1981 (81) - 1982 (82) - 1983 (83) - 1984 (84) - 1984 (84) - 1985 (85) - 1987 (87) - 1988 (88) - 1989 (89) - 1990 (90) - 1991 (91) - 1992 (92) - 1993 (93) - 1994 (94) - 1995 (95) - 1996 (96) - 1997 (97)
SPEAKER 1: All right. We've got our new 5.0 Resto fuel tank sending unit. It fits '87 to '97 Mustang. It comes with a new O ring and a new lock ring, so whether you're going into your old tank or brand new one, it has you covered.

To remove the sending unit from your fuel tank, you want to start by unclipping the electrical connector, then tapping the lock ring to the unlock position. Then you can lift the sending unit out of the tank.

Installation is simple. All you've got do is slide it down into the tank, place your O ring in the groove, and then lock your lock ring down into place.

All right. We've got our new 5.0 Resto fuel level sending unit installed in the tank, and the tank is ready to go back into the car. You'll definitely want to replace your filler neck seal with our 5.0 Resto replacement.

And one thing you might want to consider is the filler neck to trunk floor seal. They're typically rotted or completely torn. We've got you covered, again, with the 5.0 Resto replacement.

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Mustang Fuel Level Sending Unit Install Tech Info

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