Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93)

Posted 1/3/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch us show you how to install & replace 87-93 Fox Body Mustang Headlights. Compare the many different replacement headlight options we offer!

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Fox Body Mustangs are now 20+ years old and many are starting to show their age. One of the first parts for your 87-93 Stang that weathers and fades are the headlights. Replacing a hazy set can give your Fox Body a serious facelift. Installing new lights on your Mustang is an easy process. Follow along in the video as Jmac and Jeff show you how to replace yours.

Here at we offer several different lighting options for your 87-93 Pony. Whether you are looking to replace your current lights with factory OEM style or you want to give your Stang a more modern look with Ultra Clear or Smoked headlights, we have a solution for you. All of these lighting options are 6 piece light kits that include park lights, turn signals and headlights. In this video we install one of our economy kits that feature factory style lens. Any of our 6 piece kits featured below will install the same way seen in this installation video.

Tools Needed:

  • 11mm wrench

How To Install Fox Body Mustang Headlights:

  1. Disconnect the bulb sockets
  2. Take the 11mm wrench and remove the retaining nuts from the back of the lights
  3. If you backing plates are and headlight seals are good transfer them to your new lights (if not < included)
  4. Install your new lights
  5. Connect your bulbs
  6. Test and you’re done

Don’t forget to adjust your lights after the installation. Check out our Fox Body Headlight adjustment video at the bottom of this article!

Fox Body Mustang 6 Piece Headlight Comparison

Trying to decide which 87-93 Mustang 6 piece headlight kit to order for your car? Scotty in our research department was in the same boat. We set out to help him answer this question by installing all 4 different style kits that are available. Take a look at the comparison below that shows the 4 different styles of headlight kits on his car.

Listed in order from left to right:

  1. 87-93 Mustang Ultra Smoked Headlight Kit (Ultra Clear Style Lens)
  2. 87-93 Mustang Smoked Headlight Kit (Factory Fluted Style Lens)
  3. 87-93 Mustang Ultra Clear Headlight Kit
  4. 87-93 Mustang Deluxe Headlight Kit with Amber Sidemarkers (Factory Fluted Style Lens)

Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody Headlight Comparison

Scotty ultimately chose to go with the 87-93 Mustang Ultra Smoke Headlight Kit. This headlight kit went great with his SVE 10th Anniversary Flat Black Wheels and other black accents on his Fox Body Mustang. Check out the Gallery below to see more pictures of each headlight kit; we even added the clear corners to the Deluxe Headlight Kit to give you a better idea of what the difference is between the two sidemarkers.

Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody Smoked Ultra Clear Headlights Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody smoked headlights Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody ultra clear headlights Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody replacement headlights Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) - Foxbody factory headlights with clear side marker

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Fox Body Mustang Headlight Installation & Comparison (87-93) Tech Info

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