Mustang Firewall to Hood Seal Install

Posted 8/2/2013 by Jonathan McDonald

Finish off your 1979-93 fox body Mustang underhood restoration with a genuine 50Resto Firewall to Hood Seal!

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The rubber seal found at the top of the 1979-93 fox body Mustang firewall where it meets the rear of the hood is called, appropriately, the Firewall to Hood Seal. It is constructed of EPDM rubber and has a felt faced side that touches the hood, and the other side has bonded metal clips for attachment to the firewall.

The purpose of this seal/weatherstripping is mainly to seal off the engine compartment to allow a low pressure area to develop in the engine compartment while driving so that air flows properly through the radiator. It also serves to keep constant water intrusion off of firewall mounted harnesses and components.

Follow the steps in the video above to remove and install your new weatherstrip!