Fox Body Mustang Engine Swap Guide

Posted 2/21/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

You will find all of the tech and information you need to do the most popular engine swaps on your Fox Body Mustang. Whether you are looking to do a 351W big block swap or a new 5.0L Coyote Engine Swap, we have you covered with all of the tech you need!

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Performance automotive enthusiasts have been doing motor swaps since the early days. One of the easiest ways to make more power is to go with more displacement. Some of the earliest motor swaps for Fox Body Mustangs were the 351W swaps. Now-a-days you have several more options with the introduction of the Ford Racing Controls Pack. This has opened the doors to 5.0L Coyote Engine Swaps and 4.6L 3V modular engine swaps.

Here at we have all of the tech you need to make an educated decision on what motor swap is best for your Fox Body Mustang. We have two project car builds that feature the Ford Racing Controls Pack options. The first being our Project Coyote Swap. While this swap was done on a SN95 Cobra Mustang, all the steps are exactly the same for the Fox Body. The same goes for our 3V Mod Motor Swap Fairmont. The Fairmont is a Fox Body platform vehicle that is the exact same as your Mustang.

We also have an easy to follow 351W swap article that will walk you through the major components and steps you need to take to do a big block swap in your Fox Body Mustang. If you feel you have any further questions you can always pick up the phone and give one of our customer service reps a call!

Fox Body Engine Swap Guides

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Fox Body Mustang Engine Swap Guide Tech Info

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