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Ford Lightning Supercharger Accessories

Get your Ford SVT Lightning performing at it's best with supercharger accessories from Latemodel Restoration. Choose from Goodyear Gatorback serpentine supercharger belts, lower crank pulleys, upper supercharger pulley, pulley removal tool, and supercharger gaskets. These high quality components can help you eliminate belt slip, regain lost horsepower, and restore boost.

Ford Lightning Belts

Ford Lightning Intercooler Pump

Ford Lightning Supercharger Accessories Tech Info

Ford Lightnings came from the factory with a belt driven roots style supercharger made by Eaton. A supercharger is an air compressor used for forced induction of an internal combustion engine. The greater mass flow-rate provides more oxygen to support combustion than would be available in a naturally-aspirated engine, which allows more fuel to be provided and more work to be done per cycle, increasing the power output of the engine.