Program 99-09 Mustang Keyless Remote

Posted 5/31/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Learn how to program new 99-09 Ford Mustang Keyless Entry Remotes! Also known as key fobs, these often go missing or get damaged. No reason to make an expensive trip to the dealership to replace your keyless remotes. Follow along in the video and instructions below!

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All too often, Mustang keyless entry remotes are missing or damaged. If you are down to one last keyless entry remote or have none, has a solution for you. We carry both Ford original and aftermarket keyless entry remotes. These remotes must be trained and programed to your Ford Mustang before they will work. No worries, that does not mean you will have to make an expensive trip to the dealership! Watch the video above and Jmac will walk you through the simple programming procedure for your new key fob.

Let’s walk through the simple procedure on how to program your 99-09 Mustang key less entry remote. Before you start you will need at least two key less entry fobs. You can program up to four.

Six Easy Steps to Programming 99-09 Mustang Key Fobs

  1. Cycle your Stang from "off" to "on" eight times. With the final cycle landing in the “on” position.
  2. You will hear the doors lock and unlock to acknowledge the Stang is program mode
  3. Press any button on the first keyless entry remote
  4. Repeat on second and any other remote you want to program (up to a total of four)
  5. Turn the key off when you are done
  6. Test newly programed remotes
Programming new key-less entry remotes for your New Edge or S197 Mustang is that easy!! If you were missing all of your key fobs, now you can get back to the joys of locking and unlocking your car from a far. Most importantly, you can easily find your Pony in the crowded parking lots with the panic button!