F-150 SVT Lightning Headlight Install

Posted 8/16/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Replace your lights today! Watch our 99-04 SVT F-150 Lightning headlight installation video.

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This easy installation will add new life to your (99-04) Gen 2 SVT Lightning! Stop getting the wrong kind of attention with faded ugly headlights. Installing a new set of headlights on your F-150 Lightning takes less than 1 hour and best of all it requires only a 7mm nut driver or ratchet with socket. Follow along in this video to see just how easy it is to bring your truck back to life.

LatemodelRestoration.com carries many different styles of headlights for the 99-04 Lightnings. We carry both the 99-00 and the 01-04 year model style headlight kits. Perfect for the 99-00 owners wanting to upgrade to the more modern look seen on the 01-04 models. This is exactly what we did with our 2000 white ā€œLā€ in this video. We also carry individual headlights and side markers (turn signals) for anyone needing to replace a broken lens.

Pick up one of our headlight kits below, watch our installation video and you can get back to getting all the right kind of attention at the next car show!

F-150 SVT Lightning Headlight Install Tech Info

F-150 SVT Lightning Headlight Install  - svt lightning headlight install