Mustang Console Removal With Video (87-93)

Posted 10/9/2012 by Jonathan McDonald

Watch our Fox Body Mustang console removal video here. Perfect for your interior restoration project!

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Are you wondering how to remove the center console in your Fox Body Mustang? Watch our step-by-step video and check out the tech article below! Removing the center console is a key step in many interior restoration projects. This includes carpet installs, ash tray door repairs and many more. Be sure to check out our full line of technical videos and article here: Fox Body Mustang Tech Videos & Articles.

First step is to use the common "flat head" screwdriver to remove the console arm rest access plugs and reveal the two 8mm bolts holding the arm rest to the console. These are located at the back of the center console. note: there are 2 bolts per side of the arm rest

Next: Pull up on the rear arm rest to reveal the 2 screws holding the rear of the console top panel down. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove these 2 screws. You can now gently pull up on the plastic shifter bezel and move it out of the way to reveal the 2 front retaining screws. Remove the front and rear console top panel screws.

Once these are removed, the console top panel will be loose. The next step will vary from car to car. Some of the wiring harnesses have enough play in them that you can move the top panel out of the way and flip it over to unplug them. Others may not have that much room and you have to reach under the panel and unhook the harnesses by "feel". Unhook both the cigarette lighter and the power window switch "if equipped" and remove the top panel from the car.

87-93 Mustang Console Removal - fox body mustang console removal

Next you will need to remove the radio. This will vary depending on if you have a factory or aftermarket radio. To remove your factory radio you will new one of our Mustang radio removal tools.

Next up is removing the lower steering colum cover. It is held on by Philips style screws. With this gone you can now remove the lower dash panel. It is held on by three screws and push pins. The this panel removed you can now access the metal panel that must be removed.

It is now time to move to the other side and drop the glove box to gain access to the passenger side upper console bolts. Remove both the driver and passenger side upper bolts. Now you can remove the remaining rear console bolts. They were located under the console top panel near the rear of the console. Once those bolts are removed you can now start working the center console out of your Fox Body Mustang. Don’t forget to disconnect your trunk open button if equipped!

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