Fox Body Mustang One Piece Headlight: Install Video

Posted 2/6/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Add some style to your Fox Body Mustang with one piece headlights! Watch the installation video here.

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Set your Fox Body Mustang apart from the crowd with a set of 1 piece headlights from These kits eliminate the 6 piece factory design for a unique and modern look that is second to none! Installation time is only slightly increased at most! Follow along in our installation video to how you can add these to your Mustang in no time. They are available in multiple different lens combinations so they will look good with any exterior color!

Click the link below to see our full selection of Fox Body Headlights - including the 1 piece design!

79-93 Mustang Headlights




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Fox Mustang One Piece Headlight: Install

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Published on 2013-02-06
Give you 87-93 Fox Body Mustang an unique look with these 1 piece headlights. They are available in Black, Chrome & Smoked versions :

They replace the 6 (six) piece factory style Mustang head lights with an ultra clear headlight lens and your choice of black or chrome housing. The one piece design makes for easy installation and alignment. Keep your American muscle mustang look without the Euro/Import styling Halo and LED lights. These modern styled headlights are perfect for restoring your faded Mustang headlights!!

As with all our Mustang lighting options, these 1 piece headlights are backed by a NO HASSLE WARRANTY. Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you how to replace/install/remove your Mustang headlights.

Don't forget the matching Fog Lights to complete the transformation of your Fox Mustang's front end.

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'87 to '93 Mustangs were originally equipped from the factory with six-piece headlight kit. Now a very common update is to go with a one-piece style headlight. Not all one-piece style headlights are created equal. For starters, ours are covered with our no hassle warranty. Plus, they're adjustable. That way you can aim your headlight beam exactly where you need it, unlike most of the others on the market. These do require a little bit of extra wiring. We'll show you what is needed. Because of the new connectors, we have the bulbs you need to get these headlights installed. Let's go ahead and show you what's required.

We've got some junkie looking headlights on this '90 model coupe. They're yellowed, faded, and not even passing any light anymore. First step is go ahead and get these out of the way. I'm not even going to bore you with the details because it's a pretty straightforward operation.

Remove your side marker, park light, finally the headlight. And save four of the attaching nuts because you'll need those for your new one-piece headlight. With the lights out of the way go ahead and clean up the headlight bucket. Get rid of all that dirt and bugs that are built up in there.

To splice in the new connectors, start with your side marker. Grab your new connector and you'll notice it has a black wire and a white wire. On your factory harness, you'll want the black wire to go to the black wire, and the white wire to go to the brown wire.

On the turn signal slash park lamp, brown, black, and white with a green stripe on your factory harness. The black wire from the new connector goes to the black wire on your factory harness. The yellow wire on your new connector goes to the white wire with the green stripe on the factory harness. And then, the green wire goes to the brown wire on the factory harness. Go ahead trim your factory plugs off. Trim the new harnesses down to length. Solder your connections, and heat shrink and tape everything back up.

Time to install the bulbs. For your side marker, you can reuse your factory bulb. On your park lamp slash turn signal, if you have an '87 to '89, you can reuse your factory bulb. If you've got a '90 to '93, you will need to pick up a pair of 2357NA bulbs. You can reuse your factory headlamp bulb.

Go ahead slide everything in to position, reinstall the nuts, and repeat all these steps for the other side. Now on the driver's side park, turn light, the yellow wire is going to go to the green wire with yellow stripe.

To adjust your headlights, take a Phillips head screwdriver and turn the adjuster and get the bulbs pointed exactly where you need them.

All right, not too bad for about 45 minutes work. To pick up your set of one-piece headlights for your '87 to '93 Mustang, hop on over to

Fox Body Mustang One Piece Headlight: Install Video Tech Info

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