79-95 Mustang Spark Plug Wire Install

Posted 8/27/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch our 79-95 5.0L Mustang Spark Plug Wire Install! Increase performance and fuel economy new plug wires from LatemodelRestoration.com. We offer a great selection from brands such as Ford Racing, Performance Discributors, Taylor and Motorcraft.

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Follow along in this video as Jmac shows you how to install a set of Performance Distributors Livewires on a 86-93 Fox Body Mustang. This easy installation is a great way to improve performance and increase fuel economy - especially when you are replacing older worn plug wires. When replacing your plug wires, don't forget to upgrade your ignition coil and replace your spark plugs to get the best performance gains!

Upgrading your ignition is one of the most important steps to ensure you are getting the most of our performance Stang. Installation takes less than an hour and can be done in your driveway. The most important thing to remember when changing your spark plugs is to ensure your plug wires are installed in the correct location. Jmac will point out cylinder numbers on the engine and their corresponding location on the distributor cap. With performance plug wires, such as Livewires, you get the added benefit of having the plug wires numbered to help with the installation.