79-93 Mustang Window Motor Install Video

Posted 9/21/2012 by Jonathan McDonald

Have your Fox Body Mustang power window motors stop working? Watch our install video to see how to remove and install new window motors in your Pony.

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Mustang window motors are one of the most commonly used, and used up, items in a fox body interior and are usually right behind the Mustang ashtray door in rankings of things breaking. If you are looking to replace your's, here is a good video and guide to follow.

To start off you'll need to remove the Mustang door panels. Check our our Fox Mustang Door Panel Removal and Installation Video for detailed instructions.

The first step in working with anything electrical on your Mustang(or any car)is to disconnect the battery. You can reset your radio stations later!

The second step is a precautionary step. I don't think it's necessary, but why take the risk? I got some painters tape and secured the window in the up position. It's better than taking a chance and breaking the glass.

Next, you'll need to unplug the Mustang window motor.

79-93 Mustang Window Motor Install Video - Electrical Connector Plug

You'll need to loosen the three bolts that hold the motor in place and be sure to save them because you'll need to re-use them.

79-93 Mustang Window Motor Install Video - Window Motor Retaining Bolts

The Mustang window motor will literally fall out of place and you can pull it through the speaker hole. Then you can compare the factory OEM Ford window motor to the new reproduction. The reproduction is a little smaller than the OEM Ford one, but remember, designs and efficency have changed over the past 25 years!

79-93 Mustang Window Motor Install Video - Stock and 50Resto Window Motors

Installation is the complete reverse of removal. It is a very easy replacement part to fix and well worth the minimal effort. That is unless you like ordering from the drive through with your door open!

***NOTE*** You may notice that the new motor isn't threaded. The factory screws will cut their own threads into the mounting holes of the new window motor.

Hook the battery back up and test your Mustang power window switches to see power to your window again. If your window motor does not work, you may need to replace your Mustang window switches also.

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