79-93 Mustang Sunroof Weatherstrip Install

Posted 7/5/2013 by Jonathan McDonald

Got a leaky 79-93 Mustang sunroof? Watch our sunroof weatherstrip install video to get your Fox Body Mustang sunroof sealed and ready to take on any car wash or hard rain!

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A Fox Mustang with a factory installed sunroof will plague its owner by leaking at least once. This can wreak havoc on the headliner, upholstery, carpet, electrical connections ....... well just about the whole interior! While the carpet, upholstery, and electrical connections can be dried out, once the factory headliner board meets moisture, its toast. The main causes for Mustang Sunroof Leaks are faulty sunroof weatherstrip, plugged drain tubes, or a combo of both.

We here at LatemodelRestoration.com come to the rescue with an affordable solution. Our 50Resto Brand Mustang Sunroof Weatherstrip Kit will seal your sunroof up & keep the water where it belongs - outside! Installation is very straightforward and can be performed with only a tube of Permatex Ultra-Black, a pair of diagonal cutters (side-dikes), and a flat blade screwdriver.

Remove the Sunroof Glass

  1. Squeeze the latch pivot points together to release the sunroof glass from the latch
  2. Push up on the sunroof and wiggle it loose from the car
  3. Remove the sunroof glass from the Mustang and set aside

Sunroof-To-Body Weatherstrip Installation

  1. Simply pull up on the weatherstrip to remove it from the pinch weld
  2. Clean sunroof channel area with a vacuum or compressed air
  3. Clean out drain tubes with cable and compressed air
  4. Start installing the new 5.0Resto weatherstrip at the center of the rear pinch weld
  5. Cut the weatherstrip to fit and use a dab of Permatex Ultra Black to seal the joint

Sunroof Glass Weatherstrip Installation

  1. Remove the old brittle weatherstrip with a screwdriver or pick
  2. Repaint metal trim with our Exterior Trim Paint (if needed)
  3. Start installation of new weatherstrip at front center
  4. Work your way around until you get back to starting point
  5. Weatherstrip is cut to fit
  6. Make your cut and seal the joint with Permatex Ultra Black

Reinstall the Sunroof Glass back in your Mustang and you're good to go! From a broken Sunroof Latch, to rusted Sunroof Retaining Clips, and even missing or broken Sunroof Hardware, LatemodelRestoration.com has you covered! Check out our full line of 50Resto Mustang Sunroof Parts to fully restore the factory installed Sunroof on your Mustang.