1979-1993 Mustang Mass Air Meter & Conversions

Increase throttle response and horsepower with our 1979-93 Mustang Mass Air Meter and Conversion Kits. Our performance C&L and Pro-M mass air flow meters (MAF) come in a variety of sizes including 73mm, 75mm, 76mm, and 80mm. These meters are calibrated for specific fuel injectors such as 19lb, 24lb, 30lb, 36lb, 38lb, and 42lb. When adding performance to your Fox Body, the MAF will most likely have to be upgraded. Calibration tubes are also available to custom tailor your installation.Want to convert your speed density setup to a mass air meter system? Latemodel Restoration carries everything you need to get your motor switched over to a MAF setup. Our Pro-M mass air conversion wiring harnesses and sensors will have your motor converted in no time!

1989-93 Mustang PRO M Mass Air Meters

1979-1993 Mustang Mass Air Meter & Conversions Tech Info

Increase the horsepower in your Fox Body with a 1979-93 Mustang Mass Air Meter. These meters come in a wide variety of 73mm, 75mm, 76mm, 80mm, 19lb, 24lb, 30lb, 36lb, 38lb, and 42lb options. Got a speed density setup? Switching over to a mass air setup has always been a popular swap within the Fox Body community. Latemodel Restoration makes it easy with 1979-86 Mustang mass air conversion parts including relays, computers, and wiring harnesses.