79-93 Mustang Door Handle Bezel Install

Posted 8/2/2013 by Jonathan McDonald

Don't let a broken Mustang door handle bezel ruin the look of your door panel. Watch our install video to see just how easy it is to replace this commonly broken or missing part in your Fox Body Mustang.

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Just like finding a penny in any given parking lot, you'll find a broken or missing inner door handle bezel in any given fox body Mustang. Heres what has always confused me - The parts are extremely affordable and even easier to install! Don't live with a broken or missing inner bezel in your 79-93 fox body Mustang, Fix it with the help of this complete 50Resto Inner Door Handle Bezel Kit. It includes RH and LH inner handle bezels as well as retaining screws. They are available in solid black, with chrome trim, carbon fiber, and even billet aluminum.

Watch along in the video above and we'll show you just how easy it is to improve your fox body Mustang interior!