2015 Mustang Will Have IRS – More Proof!!!

Posted 6/5/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Thanks Jalopnik.com! We got more confirmation that the 2015 Mustang will have an IRS System. READ NOW!!

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Big thanks to Jalopnik.com for releasing these new 2015 Mustang “test mule” pictures. From the pictures you can clearly see the lower control arms of an IRS (independent rear suspension) system on this test Stang. You can also see the rear bumper has been cut/hacked up. It is safe to assume that this is to clear a redesigned exhaust system that has to be routed around the IRS system.

This just works as probably another form of confirmation for what we all know: The next Mustang is 100% getting an Independent Rear Suspension after an entire life with a Solid Rear Axle (but for a tiny period of IRS time with the Cobra).


While it's wrapped up in the body of a 2013 Mustang, we've been told it's actually a 2015 Mustang and it appears to match up with this vehicle shown in Car & Driver.

Some other notable things to point out is the fact the license plate state this is a “MANUFACTURER” car which only further validates the fact this is a Ford test car. With the Mustang 50th Anniversary around the corner I know it won’t be long until we see more official pictures and details about this redesigned Stang. Stay tuned and make sure you check out our 2015 Mustang News & Rumor section to stay up to date on this special Pony Car!




2015 Mustang Will Have IRS – More Proof!!! Tech Info

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