2013 Mustang GT @ The Texas Mile 2013

2013 Mustang GT @ The Texas Mile 2013

2013 Mustang GT @ The Texas Mile 2013

Posted 7/27/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

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Back in October of 2003, in secluded Goliad, TX, a very unassuming event was about to gain serious momentum. The Texas Mile was originally held at an abandoned airfield and drew a small crowd from all over the south. Fast forward to March 2013. The Texas Mile has grown exponentially & is now held in Beeville, TX at the Chase Field Industrial Complex. People from all over the US, Canada, and Mexico were in attendance.

Scott Springer, the General Manager here at LatemodelRestoration.com, attended his first Texas Mile event in October of 2012. It was the inaugural high speed run for his 2013 Mustang GT – Project High Impact. At that time, she was already sporting a host of mods. The suspension was upgraded with Ford Racing M-5300-P Springs, M-18000-C Adjustable Shocks & Struts, and M-18183-C GT500 Strut Mounts. A J&M 23795B Adjustable Panhard Bar was used to center up the rear axle in the car. Power-wise, Ford Racing was tapped again for the 624hp Whipple Supercharger Kit M-6066-MGT624D. The supercharger inlet was fed with a JLT 127MM Cold Air Intake and Tuning chores were handled via an SCT 3015 handheld.

In this trim, High Impact delivered 563 horsepower to the rear wheels and a 174.6 mph pass at the October 2012 Texas Mile event. This was with the factory MT82 transmission, 3.73 rear gears, and 285/35/19 rear tires. Needless to say, Scott was hooked, and wanted to go even faster! In preparation for the March 2013 Texas Mile event, a few changes were in order. To further power production, a Ford Racing M-9926-CJ65 Cobra Jet Throttle Body and Stainless Works Long Tube Headers with Catted X-Pipe were added to the mix. A trip down to Central Texas Performance landed her on the dyno

Saturday, High Impact went 175.7mph. Heat soak & wheel spin in 3rd gear were just a couple of the hurdles for the day. However, Scott keeps his expectations high and kept his eye on the 180mph mark. On Sunday the 24th, the final day of the March Texas Mile event, he hit that mark with pinpoint accuracy! Shortly after 8am, with a completely cool car and expert piloting, the bar was raised to 180.0mph!

Guess what? Scott and Project: High Impact aren’t done yet. This 2013 Mustang GT is destined for even more speed, so stay tuned to LatemodelRestoration.com for more on Project: High Impact as well as Texas Mile coverage from future events!