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2013 Ford Mustang Parts & Accessories

For 2013, there are some really exciting options for Mustang enthusiasts, especially the performance-minded. The Ford Mustang Boss 302 is a nod to the original 1970 Boss 302, and it comes in a special Laguna Seca edition as well. A new Shelby GT500 will also grace showrooms, and is powered by a beastly 650 horsepower 5.8L V-8, pushing it to a top speed of over 200 mph.

2013 Ford Mustang Parts

The 2013 offers a more aggressive design, with a grill that appears almost as a focal point of the car, along with a mean front splitter. The GT and Boss both have functional heat extractors on the hood, which add to the appearance, as well as helping to move hot air out of the engine compartment. The 2013 5.0L 'Stang engine delivers 420 horsepower. Don't forget to check out our 2013 Mustang GT : Project - High Impact Blog. Ford has decided to offer numerous performance upgrades as options to the car, and it comes loaded with technology like a 4.2 inch screen that displays information related to fuel economy and performance. The screen can be used to navigate Track Apps, which measures g forces, shows acceleration and braking times, and has automatic countdown starts.

If you're looking for parts for your 2013 Mustang, check out the categories below for easy searching. We have an extensive selection of performance parts, mods, and accessories for the 2013 Mustang enthusiast.

2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302

The 2013 Boss 302 is reminiscent of the 1970 car of the same name. The powerful Boss engine produces 444 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque, with a race-inspired clutch and a short-throw six speed manual transmission. Additional options include a limited slip differential and Recaro front seats. The suspension system has been upgraded with higher-rate springs, stiffer suspension, and larger diameter rear stabilizer bar. It also has adjustable shocks and struts, making it more than capable for road racing.