James Lubbert Interview - 93 Mustang GT

Posted 6/7/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Check out the video interview of James Lubbert, owner of an amazing road race 93 Mustang GT. See what makes this Fox Body such a great story.

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You undoubtedly might have seen the race footage of this Fox Body Mustang on our YouTube channel. Now meet the owner and driver of this amazing 93 Mustang GT – James Lubbert. James has owned this Stang since high school and it has been a never ending project since. He got into auto-cross (Auto-X) racing and that made the natural evolution into road course racing. As with all automotive enthusiasts, once he got bit by the racing bug the infection took over!

I've been open track road coursing probably about six to eight years off and on. It's a blast. There is nothing else like it.

James Lubbert LatemodelRestoration.com Interivew
James built a great race suspension about around stock k member and stock SN-95 lower control arms. It features a Maximum Motorsports pan-hard bar and torque arm with AST coil-overs on all four corners. To help with the braking, he upgraded to SN-95 Cobra brakes in the front and rear. To help get this Fox Body down the straight parts of the track, James turned to DSS Racing for 331ci shortblock and added some high flow Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads. This motor combination made for a power combination that made 330 HP & 350 ft/lb Torque on a chassis dyno.

It’s a lot of fun. Especially in a car that is as light at this Fox Body is.

James Lubbert LatemodelRestoration.com Interivew
If you haven’t already seen the on track video of this amazing Stang, be sure to check it out here:

1993 Mustang GT On Track Racing Video