1993 Cobra Conversion Parts

Posted 4/22/2014 by Jeff Jimenez

Convert your Fox Body Mustang into a 93 SVT Cobra clone with the help of 5.0Resto styling & performance mods!

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The 1993 SVT Cobra featured unique styling and performance modifications that made it the ultimate Fox Body Mustang! The many of these styling and performance mods are available through LatemodelRestoration.com to help give your Fox Mustang the look and performance found on these SVT badged Stangs. Below we will go over many of the styling and performance modifications found on these coveted Fox Body Mustangs and we will also list out some of the available parts to help you convert your LX or GT into a 1993 SVT Cobra!

1993 Cobra Specs:
  • 235 HP @ 4,600 RPM
  • 280 ft/lbs Torque @ 4,000 RPM
  • 6,000 RPM Redline

1993 Cobra Exterior Parts

The 1993 SVT Cobra featured a refined but truly iconic look with its many unique changes. Some of the most noticeable changes are listed below.

  • Unique Tail Lights (carried over from the SVO)
  • Unique Ground Effects (Deleted GT Side Scoops)
  • Unique Upper Grille Opening For Improved Cooling - Featured A Running Pony Emblem
  • Unique Rear Spoiler/Wing
  • Unique Rear Bumper w/ Exhaust Cutouts
  • Cobra Snake Emblems on the Fenders
  • “COBRA” Emblem On The Rear Hatch Decklid (located on the driver’s side)

1993 Cobra Performance Parts

The 93 Cobra got a nice boost in horsepower and performance thanks to some very unique performance mods. Below are some of the most notable performance enhancements the 1993 SVT Cobra received. Many of these parts are no longer available but in many cases similar performance modifications are still available.

  • Use of GT-40 cylinder heads for increased power:
    • 1.84”/1.54” Valves (intake/exhaust)
    • Crane 1.72:1 roller rockers
  • More aggressive camshaft compared to GT/LX 5.0L
  • Cobra specific intake manifold (upper and lower)
    • Discontinued By Ford Racing
    • Featured Larger Diameter Runners
  • 65mm Throttle Body
  • 70mm mass air meter
  • 24 lb/hr fuel injectors
  • Smaller crank pulley (12% reduction)

1993 Cobra Wheels

The 93 Cobra had a very distinctive set of wheels. They featured unique direction wheels that measured 17”x7.5” and were wrapped in Goodyear Eagle 245/45/17 tires. At the time they were the widest tires to grace the Fox Body Mustang from the factory. Each wheel featured a build date stamped in it for authenticity!

1993 Cobra Drivetrain

The 1993 SVT Cobra featured an upgraded T-5 transmission that featured stronger gears and bearings. It came equipped with a Ford factory short throw shifter and what might be the best clutch to ever grace a Fox Body Mustang! The 8.8 rear end featured 3.08:1 rear end gears and allowed for the Cobra to get gas mileage that was identical to the GT model even with the performance mods. Most Cobra owners upgraded a more performance oriented 3.73 rear end gears.

1993 Cobra Brake Parts

The 4 lug front and rear disc brake set up on the 1993 Cobra was the one of the most coveted performance enhancement that made it to the top tier Fox Body. It drastically improved the braking performance over the rear drum brake setup found on all non-Cobra models. Many of the 93 Cobra brake components are still available. There are also rear disc brake conversion kits and even 5 lug disc brake conversion kits to help any Fox Body Mustangs looking to boost their stopping power.

1993 Interior Upgrades

The interior on the 93 Cobra was an exact carry over from the 1993 GT model. The only interior upgrade was the included “COBRA” floor mats. While the Ford originals have been discontinued for some time now, we still offer plenty for Cobra Floor Mats to dress up any Fox Body Mustang!