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1985 Ford Mustang Parts & Accessories

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1985 Ford Mustang Parts

In 1985, Ford increased the fox body GT's power even more, adding new cylinder heads, a revised carburetor, a more aggressive roller camshaft, higher flowing exhaust manifolds, and a dual exhaust. All these modifications helped bring the power up to 210 horsepower, which many people felt was on the conservative side. It was the last carbureted V-8 that Ford would place in the 'Stang. Power for the SVO's turbocharged four cylinder went up as well, to 205 horsepower.

If you're looking for parts for your 1985 Mustang LX or GT, check out the categories below for easy searching. We have an extensive selection of performance parts, mods, and accessories for the 1985 Mustang enthusiast.

1985 Ford Mustang

Ford decided to discontinue production of the L and Turbo GT models for 1985, leaving the LX, GT, and SVO.

1985 Ford Mustang Engine Specifications

2.3L Inline Four
Horsepower 88 hp
2.3L Turbo Inline Four (SVO)
Horsepower 205 hp
3.8L V-6
Horsepower 120 hp
5.0L HO V-8
Horsepower 210 hp