S197 Mustang Sequential Tail Light Install

Posted 2/7/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch our install video to see how to add classic retro styling to your 05-09 S197 Mustang!!

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Despite Ford making sequential tail lights a factory option in 2011+ Mustangs, sequential tail lights are not a new fad. They were made popular in the late 60's and early 70's model Shelby Mustangs. So pick up a set of our "plug-n-play" Mustang sequential tail light harness and get that classic look on your 05-09 S197 Mustang! Follow along in the video as Jeff shows you just how easy it is to install our sequential tail light kit.

In the video you will notice these pre-wired harnesses come with everything you need to install these Mustang sequential tail lights. They come pre-wired which means no spicing wires or modifications needed - simply remove the old tail light harness and plug in the new ones, connect the data cable and enjoy your new sequential tail lights! Don't forget to check out the money saving kits that feature sequential tail light kits below!!!




S197 Mustang Sequential Tail Light Install Tech Info

This S197 Mustang Sequential Tail Light Install Video is designed to work with the following Mustang models: GT, V6, Bullitt, Shelby GT & Shelby GT500
Year Models: 2005 (05) - 2006 (06) - 2007 (07) - 2008 (08) - 2009 (09)