2003 Cobra Mustang Wheels

The Terminator is not just a robot from the future, it is the nickname of one of the fastest cars to ever leave Detroit. Ford did not make a Mustang Cobra for 2002 but was it worth the wait for the 2003 & 2004 model Cobra. Packed with a roots supercharged 4 valve 4.6L engine & a 6 speed transmission these Mustangs were the king of the streets and everyone wants to be the guy that owns one. Well, at least you can have the wheels, right? Available in machined silver, black and chrome finishes in 17" diameter for any 1994-04 Mustang or Cobra, even in widths of 10'5" wide for maximum traction. 2003-04 Mustang Cobra wheels are a great upgrade for any GT or V6 that may not have the brawn of the Cobra, still beat with the heart of a Mustang.