Warranty Information

Late Model Restoration is proud to offer some of the best warranty polices in the industry. Check out all of the details below for more information.

LatemodelRestoration.com Wheel Warranty

Wheel Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty

Wheels are one of the biggest and most expensive purchases that you will make for your car or truck. That’s why LateModelRestoration.com wants to make sure that you are happy with your purchase. Late Model Restoration is so confident that our wheels are the best in the market that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our wheels regarding physical defects that compromise the construction of the wheel. We will also replace the wheel if the wheel arrives to you warped, out of round or has other physical defects. Late Model Restoration will replace your wheel at our own inspection of damages based on digital pictures emailed to Late Model Restoration.

2 Year Warranty on Wheel Finishes

Many people are concerned about the finish of their wheels flaking off or the paint starting to peel. We offer only high quality wheels and we offer a 2 year warranty that has you covered! We will replace your wheel at our own discretion of damages based on digital pictures emailed to LateModelRestoration.com.

This 2 year finish warranty excludes any wheels that:
  • Are damaged due to alterations, neglect, abuse or other misuse, including harsh cleaning chemical or polishes. A soap and water mixture is recommended for cleaning wheels.
  • Were used for racing or other off-road use.
  • Have been used in harsh weather or been affected by road chemicals including salt.
  • Have been installed incorrectly.
  • Have had other wheel accessories added that did not come with the wheels.
Warranty is only valid to original purchaser of the wheels or wheel kit. Some conditions may apply.

Wheel Returns & Exchanges

Wheels or wheel kits may be returned if they are in new condition and are in the original packing. Shipping fees must be paid by the customer to return non-defective wheels. Wheels that have been mounted to a vehicle or have had tires mounted to them are not eligible for return. Other conditions may apply and all issues will be reviewed by a customer service associate.

Lighting Warranty

If you consider buying lights from Latemodel Restoration Supply you can be assured that we will stand behind them! We only use the best possible manufacturers when selecting our products.

We have heard of other companies telling their customers to bake their lights in an oven or run silicone around the seams to fix or prevent leak issues. Not here! If for some reason there is a defective light assembly we will simply replace it, no questions asked, for 1 year from the date of purchase. Not only do we like to offer our customers the best value, we back it up with the best service!

Limited to the replacement value only. All defects replaced at our discretion. The customer is responsible for returning defective units to us for the exchange. For more details please contact your Late Model Restoration Supply customer service representative at (254) 296-6500.

Tire Warranty

The tires we have chosen to offer have been carefully selected for quality, performance and durability. We believe that you will not have any issues with our tires materials and workmanship during the tread life of the tire. If an issue does arise each tire manufacturer offers a limited warranty and Latemodel Restoration will assist in every way possible to resolve the issue for our customer. Here are the highlights of the limited warranty. Give us a call if you need further information.

Eligible Tires
  • You must be the original purchaser of the tire
  • The tires were used on the vehicle on which they were originally installed
  • The tires are the correct size and load rating for the make and type of vehicle
  • You properly maintained and used the tire

Workmanship and Materials Limited Warranty

Late Model Restoration warrants all eligible tires in concurrence with the manufacturer’s limited warranty. Upon examination of an eligible tire Latemodel Restoration will replace the tire with a comparable new tire of the same brand as follows:

  • First 1/32” worn: The tire manufacturer will replace, free of charge, any eligible tire determined to have uniformity issues.
  • Less than 25% worn: The tire manufacturer will replace, free of charge, any eligible tire when the original usable tread is worn by 25% or less and within 60 months from date of purchase.
  • More than 25% worn: Eligible tires within the 60 months from date of purchase will be prorated. The prorated tire is determined as follows: (Original usable tread worn) ÷ (Original usable tread) x (Actual current dealer selling price) All mounting and balancing costs, taxes,and any other charges are to be paid by the purchaser.
What Is Not Covered
  • Irregular or excessive treadwear due to incorrect inflation; overloading; vehicle misalignment; failure to rotate tires; and poor or defective mechanical condition to brakes, shocks, and wheels; or any other factors attributable to the vehicle or wheel.
  • Any tire that has been run with low inflation pressure or while flat.
  • Damage due to abuse, vandalism, tire alteration, tire spinning, racing, or other competitive activities.
  • Damage, corrosion, or deterioration from using oil-based chemicals, water-based sealers, balancing substances, or flammable gases.
  • Damage from improper use of tire chains
  • Tires with the DOT identification number removed or rendered illegible